Before you invest time in learning how to build garden border fences, consider shrubs – they can also add height and color to your flower garden designs. Learn the basic care for most shrubs, such as how to prune spirea.

Spring Spectacular

Many flower garden designs call for tall elements. Why not include an early-blooming shrub for color and interest?

Symphony Of Spirea

Spirea is an easy-growing shrub with a range of foliage and bloom colors. Learn the basics of growing the plant, including how to prune spirea.

Free Shrubs

Learn how to build garden border fences by rooting your own shrubs and don’t let your budget limit your landscaping ideas.

Lilac Time

Many flower garden designs utilize lilac shrubs to jump-start the spring profusion of color. Learn to prune lilac shrubs to encourage growth.

Perfect plants for every corner of your yard. Search by flower color, bloom time, and more.
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