Trees are an often-overlooked aspect of a garden. Find out how to camouflage unsightly walls through espalier tree training and see our list of flowering trees and shrubs to add height and color in your yard. Trees also make the perfect shelter for those partial-shade garden perennials.

Growing A Memory

If you’re tired of basic container gardening combinations, try a new kind of container gardening – growing trees from seed.

Spring Scene Stealers

New types of crabapple trees are less messy and easier to care for than in the past. Go ahead and plant one – without cleaning up the dropping leaves on a flowering crabapple tree.

Grow a Living Fence

Find out how espalier tree training can offer privacy or hide an ugly wall. Espalier works well for fruit trees, so use the technique to grow apples for the whole family.

No-Fail Flowering Trees and Shrubs

See our list of flowering trees and shrubs for an easy way to add height and bold, vivid color to your landscaping ideas.

Perfect plants for every corner of your yard. Search by flower color, bloom time, and more.
 • List of Trees and Tree Varieties
 • Make Natural Compost
 • Trees, Shrubs & Vines
 • Ask The Garden Doctor
 • Landscaping with Trees
 • Christmas Trees

Design anything from a patio-side container garden to a beautiful yard on your computer screen.

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